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Why We Are Rather Chuffed

Dear Mullin Ponder Reader(s)

And why are we in this state of chufftiness?

Without any Further Ado or Ands, Ifs and Butts..(oops, wrong spelling) I meant Buts, not Butts…….read on.

The Head Honcho was thrilled at the amazing number of comments and likes that were left on last week’s blog.  She immediately sent out an edict to all the employees of Mullin Ponder stating that no small amount of effort would be made to ensure that a blog would be published more than once a year. She reminded us that in this Business of Blogging (BoB) it’s all about satisfying the Faithful Follower(s) wants and needs.  We agreed.  After all, this kind of wisdom is the reason Head Honcho gets paid the big bucks.

(I’m a bit worried about how easy it is getting to lie on here)

Here is the excitement that has happened since last week.  All true. Scout’s Honour.

DS* came home from a ten day business trip to the Far East (of Canada, you fools).  His return home was the cause of much rejoicing for more than one reason.  A sense of relief and teeny tiny joy was experienced upon discovering that only six of the ten dress shirts he packed had been worn.   What is more amazing is that they are already laundered and back in a very full closet.  I know!  Shock and Awe. (He read last week’s blog and said “I don’t have THIRTY FOUR  shirts”.  I said “Oh yes you do – go and count them”.  Which he did.  I was right….naturally)

Another reason for the rejoicing is that I have not eaten a left-over pancake with peanut butter and jam for supper since his return.  To be perfectly frank** I’m a bit iffy on adding this to the rejoicing list.  It’s a good quick nutritious delicious meal. You got your protein in the peanut butter, your dairy in the pancake, and your fruits and veggies in the jam.  Need I say more.

DS has also been shopping.  Our home supplies of TP, red meat, bananas and corn have been replenished.  Here is a picture as proof.


I won’t bore you with more pics of TP, bulk meat etc.  Been there. Done that.

Whilst tossing ten days worth of DS’s Unmentionable’s into the laundry machine lo and behold I came upon this cute little blue velvet box.  You can imagine the excitement!  Or maybe you don’t give a toss. (oh clever, see what I did there? tossing…toss..)


Alas!  Upon opening it……..


…..I took a wild guess and decided it must have been given to DS at The Company’s sales meeting.  And I couldn’t seem to make it work as a ring anyway, which I really didn’t mind.

His company finally realized that he has been in their employ for nigh on forty-four years. (Count them. FORTY-FOUR!!) Bless him.

That is the reason they gave him this.


The gifted Pen Set was cause for Great Rejoicing throughout Mullin Ponder land. The Company really outdid themselves this time.  For his 40th anniversary DS received an email which said thank you.  Very heartfelt I’m sure.  I, for one got quite emotional.

(hmm….there will be much mull and pondering over ” what will DS receive for his 50th Anniversary?”  The mind boggles***.)

In the meantime I will take a break from singing “Sixteen Tons” when he comes home from work everyday.  The wee soul.

Speaking of tons (…again!? How clever – sometimes I even amaze myself) I have ‘tons’ more exciting ramblings to share, but will save them for the next blog. It’s going to be SUCH Fun!

*DS = Dear Spouse

**Frank.  Who is this Frank?

***note to self.  Contact Mullin Ponder Global Research Team re ‘The mind boggles’.

A Blogger’s work is never done.  Sigh. Not that I mind.  Far be that thought.


Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad or TMGTB

Dear Mullin Ponder Blog,

Okay. This looks bad.

The last blog on Mullin Ponder was posted more than a year ago. This is what happens when you do too much of a Good Thing – like mulling and pondering – for a year.

I still remain a huge fan of The Art of Mull and Ponder – or TAMP (I am also a big fan of abbreviations).  However, I obviously have a lot to learn about this wonderful art form.  The following list is an example of what happens to your world when A Good Thing Becomes Bad – or – AGTBB.  So without further ado and in no particular order – Tada!…..

  • No blogging for a year which leads to
  • letting down your faithful followers (yeah, right)
  • Undone laundry will make your home look like a hoarder’s paradise. (no offense to anyone who suffers from this dreadful malady)  This leads to
  • worrying that you might be A Hoarder.
  • Undone laundry will motivate your DS (Dear Spouse) to purchase a gazillion pairs of socks and underwear and T-shirts and dress shirts.  Total count of dress shirts in our home at present is 34. That’s right. THIRTY FOUR.
  • No food – unless you have a DS who likes to eat and will grocery shop and buy Very Bad Things such as loads of meat in bulk sizes (because it was on sale – cuh!) a ton of TP (emm – that would be toilet paper), unending supply of beer and wine (the wine is for me so this should be on a separate list of Not TOO Bad’s) very expensive extra large brown eggs (why?), a very particular kind of Thick Bacon Slices, No vegetables (except for corn) no fruit (except for a huge tomato and a whole bunch of bananas. And I def do not bake so, again – why?)
  • Sleeping upon sleeping
  • hibernation – which can lead to
  • weeping upon weeping and thoughts and feelings of
  • Not Good Enough
  • Guilt and good old shame
  • hiding in your bedroom when the doorbell rings because you are too embarrassed to let anyone see your messy house
  • buying loads of pajamas (again – this should probably be filed under Not TOO Bad’s – or NTBs)
  • feeling like a large Idaho potato
  • watching episodes of “My 600 Pound Life” (oh my goodness – poor souls) hoping this will motivate you to move your bloomin’ ar*&$%^!!  Words of wisdom from Eliza Doolittle which should not be scoffed at. (oh, good word – SCOFFED)

Right.  I don’t know about you but I am now exhausted as a result of being out of practice re this blogging thingy.  So here are some pictures which I hope will make your life complete.











hqdefault (1)hqdefault (1)









Mullin Ponder Dictionary, We are chuffed....

We are chuffed….


Due to the tireless work of our hand picked global network team, we now know the original origination (no -that is not a stutter typo) of the word ‘chuffed’. Here is just a sampling of those who belong to the Mullin Ponder research team. (sorry, you will have to scroll through the pictures before you discover the origin of ‘chuffed’.)

Mullin Ponder Global Hot Spots

           Our Global Team lit up the night sky as they worked around the clock to get us the answer                                                 we needed.  True dedication.

Lego World
Lego World

Thank you Lego Land for the building blocks you provided (free of charge) to help us at Mullin Ponder in this particular quest. Children and adults throughout the generations will no doubt re-numerate your company by continuing to purchase Lego till the end of time.

Mullin Ponder Prodigy
Mullin Ponder

There is a bright future ahead for this young’un.


mobile-phone-use                                        All member of our Global Research Team are very ‘smart‘ (groan).                                                                            (like they need any more free advertising).


Famous French Detective Inspector Cluso
Famous French Detective Inspector Cluso

                                      Glad that everything became clear Inspector ….eventually ….                                           (Not the smartest sleuth in the shed, this one)

Oh nameless one
Oh nameless one

Appreciate the work oh nameless one.


                                                            (Shhhh……………………  )



I think teddy had some good advice for Mr. Bean


Florida Branch of Mullin Ponder
Florida Branch of Mullin Ponder

               Don’t mock the older generation re their lack of techno skills. (and you know who you are)                                            Because this pic tells the true story.


E.T.'s Uncle                                                       I have no idea, but please go home.



Come in Number 6
Come in Number 6

                                                    I wonder if Q invented this one. NOT the guy.                                                 The shoe thingy, you fools!


Our own Clay Scientists
Our own Clay Scientists

We love you Claymation!  Thanks for sticking together (feel free to groan again) throughout this tough            challenge.  You are so lovely and make us happy, happy, happy.


Unidentified For Obvious Reasons
Unidentified For Obvious Reasons

Sorry, no I.D. on this one, but pretty sure he’s male. Unless it is all part of her disguise.


I Will Not Part With My Big Phone
I Will Not Part With My Big Phone

We love this guy because he is still under the delusion that it is pretty cool to own this larger than life phone. (Just look at how happy he is.) Plus he has not allowed himself to be sucked into the the never ending world of ‘Must Have The Most Up-To-Date Version Now’ of communication gidgets.

(Note to self: must add gidgets to words that are not but should be.)


Be Right There
Be Right There

So all you ladies over the age of 50 will be glad to know                                                                                                   Magnum P.I. is still on the job.


The Sherlock
The Sherlock

Sherlock, we really like your British TV Show.  But can you make more than three episodes a year and keep Cumberbatch as the main dude, please?   Thanks.


Special Jocks
Special Jocks

This pic just goes to show you can’t judge intelligence by good looks. Take that which ever way suits you.                                                      (I’m just sayin’)


THE Teenager Team
THE Teenager Team

Thanks also to Team Teenager. This was one of those rare occasions where your ability to text as fast as the speed of light was totally appropriate and socially acceptable.



Agatha taught Hercule how to really sleuth.


Groovy, Baby!
Groovy, Baby!

Groovy, baby!  We love ya Austin.


Mankind will arise to the occasion
Mankind will arise to the occasion

People really came together as a team for us during this Mullin Ponder crisis. Forever grateful.

Women Power! Way to go girls. You did it.


French Branch
French Branch

Our French branch really deserved their usual three hour mid-day break this time.


In The Zone
In The Zone

Our team was willing to tap into all resources that were available in order to solve the dilemma                                                               of finding the origin to the word  ‘chuffed’.


Congrats if you made it all the way here.

Here is the info that was unearthed:  ‘chuffed’  The origin of this word is <puffed up with fat> as in <pleased> with oneself.  I know! – it is beginning  to all make sense. And that is what we do at Mullin Ponder.  We make sense out of non-sense.

Mullin Ponder Dictionary




Yes I know this is another pic of Magnum P.I.  We really like him.


The editor of Mullin Ponder blog decided that Mr. Bean’s teddy should have been a little more kudo’s, so without further ado: Voila!



Mr Bean's Teddy



We love you, Teddy Bear!



Even Superman Does It

The Global enterprise of MullinPonder came to a joint decision that it would be a sooper-dooper decision to republish many of our blogs – coz that’s what  
prolofic bloggers do oft-times.      
So, by order of Head Honcho here is our first reblog of a post from Back In The Day.
Superman has done this
Superman has done this
Kitty cats Nap So They Can Do It
Kitty cats Nap So They

This Guy Seems To Be Doing Much of It

These Grumpy Old Men Are For Sure Doing It                                                     These Grumpy Old Men Are For Sure Doing It ……………………………………………………..

Down On Their Luck Folks Have Done It
Down On Their Luck Folks Have Done It

Bears in The Woods Do It

Bears In The Woods Are Doing It

Musicians Do This
Musicians Do This

The Breath of God

The Breath of God

Is this the time of Be Still!
and KNOW that you are God?
Are my thoughts of giving up being turned more to giving in?
Do I need so many visits to this black place of despair,
to bring about a fiercer cry that begs to see your light?
Do you let me feel the darkest darkness of my own humanity?
So that I will crave the fullest light of ALL that is all Christ?
Is this another chance for me so HE becomes the MORE?
Is my hardened clay being softened by the Master Potter’s touch?
Has my mould become more pliable? Is it shaped more like your Son’s?
My precious Lord and Saviour! He died to set me free!
So why continue on with thoughts of endless blame, when all was covered perfectly to free me from this shame?
JESUS did all this for me as he bled upon the tree.
He loved me with the cross and I am His eternally.
My tears now bring your healing touch and let me know you’re near.
This truly is a trial of your *mercy in disguise*.
I have found the blue of Heaven hidden in this blackest black.
It turned into a little gold when added to my soul.
Another piece of treasure that has no earthly price.
“Take rest, oh soul”, it whispers loud, “and let ME breathe in you.
The very breath of JWEH has filled my starving soul.

This word – J W E H – is the original Hebrew word meaning GOD. It can really only be pronounced like the sound of breath
*Thank you Laura Story for your song ‘Blessings’ and I humbled by His grace that makes me answer ‘yes’.

August, 2013 Yvonne Glass


Hurry, Scurry and for sure Worry

I get caught in the web of the hurrying and scurrying, which leads to all ways of the negativity of worrying.

Like Martha who was by nature a doer, a shaker and a mover. I am grateful for our sister Martha, loved so much by Jesus. For how else would I know about the better Mary way? If not for the empathy I feel for a Martha day?

Mary knew how to bend the knee slow and low in her attitude of gratitude. Into the place. The place like no other of rest, comfort and peace, at the feet Jesus, Lord of her life. In this place she knew the calm soul joy of what our sweet sister Ann V. wrote of:

“The Virus of Distraction is cured by the art of Subtraction”

In the humbling of myself, I can completely exhale the toxic waste of haste, and deep breath into the fullness of that heart space, that unique room in this, my heart house, and it fills to the brim, bursting at the seams, with

Attraction to Jesus

thou hast anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth over.                                                                                                                                                                                Surely, goodness and loving-kindness shall follow me all the days of my life:                                                                                                                                                      and I will dwell in the house of Jehovah for the length of the days.”

Psalm 23: Darby Translation