The *Dastardly Deed….

….of designing a new look for our blog.

(*….to self. Must remember to add this fabbo word ‘dastardly’ to the now famous Mullin Ponder Dictionary)

Mullin Ponder Dictionary

Our Design Team at Mullin Ponder has been working night and day to produce a brand new look for this blog site.  While some folks might be content with the present look, Mullin Ponder is aware that our follower(s) have come to expect nothing less from us but The Very Best.  So we will tarry on night and day with not just the crucial mull and ponder part of this project but also the dastardly deed of actual work until it meets our usual high standards. We aim to please.

To be perfectly honest -(because my conscience is pricking me re telling The Whole Truth and Nothing But….) despite working on the new design for a few hours since our last blog, we came to a unanimous agreement at the headquarters of Mullin Ponder that our priority for the next few months will be beautifying the outdoors – often referred to as gardening. You will be relieved to know that we have not had to sue Bonus Child From Almighty God yet.  Thus far, he is upholding his signed and witnessed document.  (see below)

Mother's day coupon

This landscape training is going to make a very valuable addition to his CV.  Recording music studios and all famous recording artists will see the obvious connection between his degree in Audio Digital Engineering and landscaping.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.  (…aaghh…my Mother just channeled me from her state of Heavenly Peace…..which she has been enjoying since January 2014! … sorry Mom…..) (I would have added ‘won’t use sarcasm again‘ but we know that would have been a massive fib)

Love you forever, Mom
Love you forever, Mom

There have been so many blog worthy events happening recently and I’m really chomping at the bit to relay all of them right here and now on this very blog, but with no small amount of effort I will restrain myself.  If I was still living in Glasgow, Scotland I may have added “hawd me back!” (hold me back – for those of you whose second language may not be Glaswegian)

Believe it or not the purpose of this blog is not meant to be a cure for insomnia.   We mean to encourage the art of mulling – not lulling.  With that in mind the following will be a mere couple of blog worthy events that have taken place recently:

Unfortunately, our kitchen is once again resembling Hoarder Heaven.  Here’s the proof.

Hoarding Kitchen

It’s way worse than it looks.  There’s the feet sticking to the floor and other gruesome grossness.  In all fairness there are two valid reasons for this state of affairs.  One – Garden.  Two – Dear Spouse, King of the Dishwasher (the knives go down, people!) is being Willie Nelson this week. On The Road Again.  I happened to relay to Bonus Child from God, that his father is being Willie Nelson at the moment.  His response – “Dad’s smoking pot and getting high?!”  Really?  Send a kid to some fancy college for an even fancier degree in some kind of music audio thingy and they don’t teach them the basics – as in ” Not only did Willie Nelson smoke weed.  He also sung ‘On The Road Again’..” and other important musical facts from the past one hundred years.  *Jings, Crivvens and help Ma Bob*.  There. That describes my feelings upon this subject.

Here is Willie doing what Willie does best. I hope he’s made enough money now to buy himself a new guitar.  D’you think he knows there’s a great big hole in it?  Or is he just a plain old simple country boy enjoying his daze…(heh, heh..)  This is the kind of worry that keeps one awake at night.  A mull and ponderer’s work is never done.

One of the most joyful happenings this week has been discovering that Salisbury Greenhouse has recognized that Mullin Ponder is one of their best customers.  It’s quite obvious they have been scouting our property and custom-made a particular petunia to exactly match our red front door.  I know!  I’m also speechless.  Here’s the proof…

Thank you Salisbury Greenhouse

Thank you Salisbury.  We shall be returning to your greenhouses very soon and in all likelihood way too often.

Such excitement and joyfulness found in the yard these days as we watch in daily wonder the resurrection once again of the trees, shrubs and perennials.  And this is just the beginning.  To quote Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty we are “Happy, happy, happy“. Well said, Phil.


Here’s what’s going on in the great outdoors this week at Mullin Ponder Land. Perennials shouting “look at me, look at me – take a picture quick! before I make like a tree and leaf “. (groan. T’would be sad if it wasn’t so punny) (sorry – can’t help myself)

Image (1)

This is when time should. just. slow. down.

Kristin and I were mulling outside last week as we watched Offspring working hard at his newest trade.  “I’m going to keep the yard simple this year”, says I to her.  Says she to me, “bwahahaha“.


I’ll be away now having a wee mull and ponder over my daughter-in-law’s guffaw.

The Sherlock
The Sherlock

all * = currently under investigation by Mullin Ponder Global Research Team