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Edmonton, Alberta’s First Real Life In Courage Meet Up

Today in the year two thousand and thirteen, on the twenty seventh day of April, the above momentous occasion took place at one of Edmonton’s finer coffee establishments.

Lorraine and Yvonne had a great connect during a wonderful two hours of sisters-in-Jesus power.  The conversation was quite typical of two gal-pals meeting up for the first timesharing our deepest darkest secrets, as if we had known one another for a gazillion years.  Yvonne is obviously striving to make R.A.T. into the latest, greatest art form.  For those of you who are not familiar with the RAT term, it stands for Random Abstract Thinking.  But I think Lorraine took to this challenge extremely well, and it became quite obvious she has also been brushing up on this particular skill.

We missed our other sister-in-power, Vanessa, who was very sad to have missed this very auspicious occasion of our first RL (in)courage meeting. Take some of this courage, dear Vanessa and worry yourself not!  For we will glady arrange a re-do of today just for you!


Today there was time

There will be time..???

We await in Faith, Hope, and  Love of the Greatest kind,

Resting in our Great and Gentle Shepherd.

2 thoughts on “Edmonton, Alberta’s First Real Life In Courage Meet Up”

    1. It was great. I met a really nice lady (just the two of us) but it was great and we promised to stay in contact – which reminds me, I have to contact her!

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