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Why We Are Rather Chuffed

Dear Mullin Ponder Reader(s)

And why are we in this state of chufftiness?

Without any Further Ado or Ands, Ifs and Butts..(oops, wrong spelling) I meant Buts, not Butts…….read on.

The Head Honcho was thrilled at the amazing number of comments and likes that were left on last week’s blog.  She immediately sent out an edict to all the employees of Mullin Ponder stating that no small amount of effort would be made to ensure that a blog would be published more than once a year. She reminded us that in this Business of Blogging (BoB) it’s all about satisfying the Faithful Follower(s) wants and needs.  We agreed.  After all, this kind of wisdom is the reason Head Honcho gets paid the big bucks.

(I’m a bit worried about how easy it is getting to lie on here)

Here is the excitement that has happened since last week.  All true. Scout’s Honour.

DS* came home from a ten day business trip to the Far East (of Canada, you fools).  His return home was the cause of much rejoicing for more than one reason.  A sense of relief and teeny tiny joy was experienced upon discovering that only six of the ten dress shirts he packed had been worn.   What is more amazing is that they are already laundered and back in a very full closet.  I know!  Shock and Awe. (He read last week’s blog and said “I don’t have THIRTY FOUR  shirts”.  I said “Oh yes you do – go and count them”.  Which he did.  I was right….naturally)

Another reason for the rejoicing is that I have not eaten a left-over pancake with peanut butter and jam for supper since his return.  To be perfectly frank** I’m a bit iffy on adding this to the rejoicing list.  It’s a good quick nutritious delicious meal. You got your protein in the peanut butter, your dairy in the pancake, and your fruits and veggies in the jam.  Need I say more.

DS has also been shopping.  Our home supplies of TP, red meat, bananas and corn have been replenished.  Here is a picture as proof.


I won’t bore you with more pics of TP, bulk meat etc.  Been there. Done that.

Whilst tossing ten days worth of DS’s Unmentionable’s into the laundry machine lo and behold I came upon this cute little blue velvet box.  You can imagine the excitement!  Or maybe you don’t give a toss. (oh clever, see what I did there? tossing…toss..)


Alas!  Upon opening it……..


…..I took a wild guess and decided it must have been given to DS at The Company’s sales meeting.  And I couldn’t seem to make it work as a ring anyway, which I really didn’t mind.

His company finally realized that he has been in their employ for nigh on forty-four years. (Count them. FORTY-FOUR!!) Bless him.

That is the reason they gave him this.


The gifted Pen Set was cause for Great Rejoicing throughout Mullin Ponder land. The Company really outdid themselves this time.  For his 40th anniversary DS received an email which said thank you.  Very heartfelt I’m sure.  I, for one got quite emotional.

(hmm….there will be much mull and pondering over ” what will DS receive for his 50th Anniversary?”  The mind boggles***.)

In the meantime I will take a break from singing “Sixteen Tons” when he comes home from work everyday.  The wee soul.

Speaking of tons (…again!? How clever – sometimes I even amaze myself) I have ‘tons’ more exciting ramblings to share, but will save them for the next blog. It’s going to be SUCH Fun!

*DS = Dear Spouse

**Frank.  Who is this Frank?

***note to self.  Contact Mullin Ponder Global Research Team re ‘The mind boggles’.

A Blogger’s work is never done.  Sigh. Not that I mind.  Far be that thought.

2 thoughts on “Why We Are Rather Chuffed”

    1. WHAT a fabbo idea. Think. think. think…… are welcome to do a guest blog slot as Winnie the Pooh or whoever. It will however have to be of the highest standard to get published on this prestigious blog. Bwahahaha….

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