The Day We Discovered …

… Our Great Multi-lingual Abilities.

So, once Up On a Time – like – way back in Winterpast Day of January 29th, 2019 – the following is a recorded account of that morning.


Got up around

Here is how that time period of one hour and ten minutes was spent – gone forever.

  • Had water and meds (don’t ask – it should be self evident).
  • Opened door for cats – didn’t close it, so minus-whatever weather plundered into home in a rather bold manner. (The nerve😳🙄)
  • Tommy cat decided he would venture out into the frozen tundra.
  • Minty cat, older and wiser did not.
  • Made coffee. Starbucks Keurig pod – otherwise known as Good Tasting Coffee Right Now.
  • Let Tommy cat back into house (big baby)(it’s a balmy -19c … maybe more with windchill)(still a baby)
  • Phone pinged – who could this be?🤔
  • Messenger: yeah! it’s my friend Wendy enquiring about my exciting life.

So we exchanged some amazing details.

e.g.(for example):

The Latin phrase “compus mentis” was used – I surprised myself! It means “having full control of one’s mind”, which we decided was not even a thing.

To our surprise the rest of our message that morning revealed we were in fact, multi-lingual.

Here are the facts of proof.

We said:

  • How are you this morning? English
  • I am not fully compus mentis. Latin
  • Och. Scottish
  • Ciao bellisimo. Italian … which meant I called my beautiful friend a dude. Which she is not. In fact she’s very content being a female. (Don’t get me started on genders I beg you. It won’t be pretty.)
  • Je nais se pas. French for I don’t know. (Like Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes, famous because he knew NUSSINK!)
  • Caio, caio, caio, caio. (Practicing correct spelling of “see ya” in Italian.
  • Bella. More Italian.

So coffee was finished. Enlightening conversation was finally finito (- gasp – more Italian😳).

It was now

From our conversation, Wendy and I came to the conclusion that we are indeed multi-lingual – five! count them – five languages! – making it abundantly clear that at least one of us practices inclusivity – which qualifies us – nae! (more Scottish) – again nae! Not only qualifies but surely morally obligates one of us to run for the office of Prime Minister of Canada in our next election? (🤔… a worthy MullinPonder thought 🤔)(After a bit of a MullinPonder, it’ll have to be you Wendy – I can’t see my way clear to resigning my position as Head Honcho of our ever-thriving business of MullinPonder-ing 🤔).

Here endeth the lesson on:

Discovery of Multi-lingualism.

Or …

How to Faff Away the Hours in a day – which by the way, we shall never get back😒.

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