Jesus Christ

Hurry, Lord.

Thank you Katie Butler, for putting the right words to thoughts that many of us are having during this time in history.
Those of us who have chosen to believe, are gifted with Great Faith, Hope and Love, found only in The Person of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Worthy is His Name.

Kathryn Butler

The Clouds, Blue Sky, Nature, Storm

First Harvey floods Houston. Then Irma grinds her way through the Caribbean, reducing a chain of island paradises to rubble.

Afterward, Maria pitches Puerto Rico into darkness. Now, New Orleans braces itself as Nate barrels toward the Gulf Coast.

Earthquakes shatter Mexico, compelling frantic parents to search for their children under rubble. In Bali, residents flee their homes as the earth grumbles and smokes, gathering her fury before an eruption.

Corruption in Venezuela starves families. Somalians scour scorched earth for water. Londoners reel as terrorists and civilians wield vehicles as weapons. A man rains bullets upon hundreds of unsuspecting concert goers for no apparent reason. A dictator who boasts of his own divinity threatens nations with nuclear decimation. . . with Tweets fueling his rage.

Among the more optimistic headlines, we read tributes to the man who glamorized pornography, and celebrations of our progress in tampering with genes. . …

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