It’s Exhausting


Mullin Ponder had no idea what they were in for. Not a clue.

When we* entered into the wonderful creative business world of mull and pondering, we were not aware of the amount of energy that it takes to run this business.

To be perfectly honest, it’s….well…’s exhausting.

So exhausting that we seem to only have the energy to blog about it, oh let’s say, once a year? (that is a rhetorical question mark BTW) (and please don’t ask us to explain BTW…seriously?…no, I mean- SERIOUSLY)

However, we are aware that, with no small amount of humbleness, our gift in the art of mull and pondering supersedes that of any other Wanna Bees in this creative field.  And because we are still telling the whole truth and nothing but, we knew it would have been very selfish, in fact almost sin-like, not to share this talent with the rest of The Universe. In actual fact, not spreading our kind of wisdom far and wide would border on the sociopathic tendencies. (Very scary)

Without further ado, we will lay down some facts about M&P-ing for our faithful follower(s).  Before committing to this art form please be aware of the following

  • The art of Mull and Pondering is not for woosies. Again we declare –
  • NOT for woosies
  • It is totally a voluntary thingy, so –
  • No pay, salary etc.
  • No vacations
  • It’s 365 days a year. Or – worse – 366 days every leap year
  • 2016 was a leap year.


I* rest my case.

(*just a reminder that “I” and “we” mean the same thing in the land of Mullin Ponder

Please note our next blog is going to be amazing and full of The Awestruck Gazer’s photographs….if we can figure out how to upload pics…..aaarrggh.  (WordPress, why is it so difficult to do stuff on this site? like adding a photie to the blog??   Aaargh again.  Or maybe it’s because we are still in a state of exhausted brain syndrome – which will now and forever more be referred to as EBS – because we have a deep desire to be politically correct. And ALL Political Correctness’s are INITIALIZED).  Here endeth the lesson.



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