Excuses, Excuses….


Poor wee blog.

Left all alone for so long.

Reminds me of that famous poem – penned so many lifetimes ago.

(WARNING and apologies. The * word offends today, but in its defense I’m fairly certain it was invented as a slang word for all the lazy British people who found the word ‘cigarette’  way to cumbersome and  long to say.)

“Oh little *fag-end small and round,

Lying there upon the ground,

whose great mouth you once adorned,

but now you look so lost and forlorn.

Oh little *fag-end do not fret,

There is still a draw left in you yet.

So little blog do not fret

You have not been forgotten yet.

Just kind of put to the side – for a wee while – but your Mommy will be back really soon. See, the thing is – it’s Summer where you live, and she is super-duper occupied with the Business of Mulling and Pondering.  So when she returns there will be oh so much to blog about.  Believe me little blog – you will be one happy camper!

The other very legitimate reason you have been a bit neglected is because of that magnet on the fridge. Remember? The one that states quite clearly –

“God made rainy days so that gardeners will get the housework done and write a blog or two”.

And this has been the driest Summer since the offspring were in diapers.  Which was 20-30 years ago.  It’s true. Honest.  Re the lack of rain and offspring diaper wearing days.

So you know who is in charge of the weather.  I have to say though I’m a little hesitant about playing the blame game in this instance….because….because…..well YOU KNOW WHO controls the weather!  So we shall not be tangoing with this subject anymore.

In the meantime here are a few photies of Summertime when the livin’ is easy. The fish are also jumping and the cotton is oh so high.

No worries.

We shall return.

In the meantime I hope our Faithful Few Follower(s) are having a great summer.

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