Sometimes It Is The Little Things

Dear Red Sky Delights blog follower (and I believe that follower is myself).

The little story I am going to post is from my journal back in the days of yore  during 2011. Why? I hear you (me) say? Because. Because I can. Mwahahaha (evil Dr. Evil laugh).

So – enjoy – dearest reader. Oh thank you, I will. Okay, this makes it official.  My wise old Grandpa used to say it was okay to talk to yourself, but when you answered yourself?  Not so much; which he used to do all the time.   Anyway, enough with the RAT (Random Abstract Thinking).  By the way, my friend Anja and I took the fine art form of RAT to new heights, during my WMDWC (Wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend-in-Calgary). (And don’t even try pronouncing that one. It doesnae work, unless you can speak Klingon)

Sometimes It is The Little Things (from back in a day of yore, during 2011)

Yesterday morning I had to go to the store first thing, as I had discovered the night before to my utter horror and dismay that we had run out of coffee of the leaded variety. Yes, we had the unleaded kind, but that is kept in our house for mainly decorative purposes, or for the poor wee souls who have gone on the wagon as far as the drug caffeine is concerned. Or, as I like to call it, One of Nature’s Last Legal Stimulants. (ONLLS – another Klingon word).

Upon returning home from my visit to Sobeys,  arms laden with not only coffee, but with $100’s worth of other grocery necessities such as apple cinnamon coffee cake etc., etc., –  to my extreme delight and surprise I was greeted by sounds which sent a little spark of joy deep down into my un-caffeinated heart.  I am almost 100% sure that the house contained no mortal humans when I left it. But there it was.  A small child’s voice belonging to my beautiful grand daughter, Savannah.  The chatter of two girls voices belonging to my beautiful daughter Sharon, engaged in chit-chat (probably of the RAT variety) with my other beautiful daughter (in-law), Kristin. And the excited scampering and panting sounds of a little doggy named Sushi, who I have to admit showed the most excitement at my arrival,  followed by a very close second in Savannah, who was all smiles and giggles and  as per usual attired in one of her many perfectly matching mini-diva ensembles. (I think we may be creating a monster here, but shhhhh….and anyway this may be material for another of my widely read blogs….and also…this is another example of RAT..which could also be the most fantastically rambling blog  ever).

This was followed by the discovery of a deliciously wafting aroma, which lo and behold led to freshly baked banana and chocolate chip muffins. Dark chocolate of course, because “it is good for you”,  as described by Kristin,  baker of the good-goodies, in her continuing quest to eat more healthy. Bless her.

Unexpected company of some of my most favourite people and doggies, plus fresh bakes and FINALLY my Starbucks coffee! Aahh!

Sometimes it is in the little unexpected moments that God makes me aware of my blessings.


(Note: this blog is in no way intended to promote Starbucks or Sobeys – because they would have to pay me a large sum of money if the case were so. Seen as how my blog’s are read world wide (tongue is firmly implanted in cheek). )


8 thoughts on “Sometimes It Is The Little Things”

  1. It definitely is the little things Yvie – I am so thankful for your blessings and what a wonderful surprise they gave you! Makes my heart feel good! I need practice to be thankful in the blessing of little things… then the feeling of joy can follow. xx

    1. Thanks for all your comments Bridget. Now I can say I have 2 followers – that would be you and me! mwahaha.
      It is one thing to write a little blog on little things that should give us joy, but another thing to daily in the enjoyment of these things. The little things often go unnoticed by myself, but – there is hope – The slowing down that Ann V. writes about is a definite help in being able to do this. But – I don’t always do that either: that’s why we need each other, so we can confide in our SIPs(!) whether we are ‘up’ or ‘down’.

  2. If nobody leaves a comment, apart from myself, the main dude on this page, then I will just have to invent another me (mwahahaha) to comment on my comments. Huh? (the huh? was from the other me)

    1. I loved your blog today, Mom. I could picture it all! The warmth of the home, the smell of the baking, the girlie chatter, and pitter-patter of tiny Savannah and Sushi feet…

      It is good to be living back in Edmonton.

      Love you, Mom!

      From Sharon

      1. Aww – that’s ma girl! Nice comments for your mooma.
        And may I add that it is lovely having you back in Edmonton. In the words of Dorothy “There’s no place like home, Toto. There’s no place like home.

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