About the Blogger

WordPress seems to require that I write something about myself in this section of the blog. So here goes. The following will be truthful, but if you happen to nod off while reading about me, I promise not to take it personally. So here goes. A points bulletin seems right for this.

  • I am not of the male mortal species
  • Nor the LGBTQZZXZBV)^&*)*
  • My name is Yvonne, or if you like, Yvie
  • Back in the Days of Yore (1977) I immigrated from Glasgow, Scotland to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Why? Because…..I love doing Winter 5 months a year
  • I am partial to the lowest wit of sarcasm – who, on the face of this blue speck of a planet loves doing Winter for 5 months? (please don’t email me if you do)(you’re more nuts than me)
  • I married a Canadian who IS of the male species type
  • I have 3 offspring: son, daughter, son.
  • I have 2 offspring of the Grand Variety. Boy and a girl – whose…..
  • Mother is a Great Daughter in law. (I know. -strange, eh?)
  • It would seem I have been blessed by creative gifts such as music and art, and now of all things, I’m trying this blogging thing. Why, you may ask? Actually you probably don’t care. But the true answer to this daunting question is ‘because I can’.  Not because I think I am a tried and true writer, but just coz.

Okay, that will have to do you for the moment. I will give you lots of time to let these extremely amazing details about me, seep into your pores.

And I will try and find a picture of a much more youthful me.

Okay here is another fact:

    • I am vain. It’s a true story, honest
    • (This picture was taken in 2006)


10 thoughts on “About the Blogger”

  1. Head Honcho of MullinPonder is still gobsmacked at her remarkable bio, and feels deeply within that there is no need to edit. The only edit that may be of interest is today’s date.
    It is:
    August 25th, 2017 A.D.

  2. Why yes….now that you mentioned it, I must confess to a certain void, an emptiness in my life since you stopped what had started out to be very intriguing comments about life in general and yours specifically. Had just started to pick up the shattered pieces of my life when THIS came….does this possibly mean that you are thinking of resuming? If so, it comes just in time to distract me from another frigid, gloomy Fall and Winter in San Diego. Let ‘er roll, Yvonne….

    1. James, I am so honoured that you left a comment on this fascinating bio blog, WAY back in April. I’ve been so busy mullin and pondering and haven’t had a chance to write a blog in the last few months. I know. How can my devoted followers go on without a blog or two. Their lives must feel so incomplete………………………………..(what a bunch of crap)………

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