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The Day of A Small Full-of-Meaning Sign

And they were all of one accord, all who dwelt Up On the Land of MullinPonder, as they raised their huge fists to The Skies and shouted mightily to No One in Particular,

“Depression really really, really SUCKS”.

So ~ after a certain number of Blackest of Ebony Black Dog Days, the MullinPonderites, who were searching with all their hearts, with all their minds, and all their souls, became filled with no small amount of amazement and thankfulness; because …..🤔…

(Listen up here … coz this new paragraph is a MullinPonder ‘selah’.  A word found many times between verses in the Book of Psalms. It evidently means …… wait for it …. bit more …. a pause”!  I know. I also feel quite knowledgeable at this moment) But, we digress …

So.  Selah.

In the Meantime, (and recently time had been particularly mean to those folks of M’nPonder land), No One in Particular had been, and always was and is, continually watching over the MullinPonderites ~ just as a shepherd keeps a watch upon all of his sheep. He knew this little flock could greatly use some small sign to assure their hearts that there was indeed some purpose and meaning to This Life of Pointless Suffering, where all memories of hope and joy no longer seem to exist. His heart spilled to overflowing with an aching love for all humankind, whom He had suffered and died for way back around the year of 0033 A.D. The MullinPonderites loved their Saviour Shepherd with true hearts, and desired to serve Him in His Kingdom Like No Other Kingdom, whilst they were alive on Planet Earth. He was The One True God after-all. (Cuh!) He was The Logos. The Great I AM.

So without further ado, Great God of Wonders Who Does Not EVER Change ~ unlike those poor folks of the MullinPonderite Clan, whose constant winds of changing emotions sorely tried them ~ He, the Alpha and the Omega, (if you don’t know the meaning of Alpha and Omega? ~ well shame on you, and look it up. Or Google it)(honestly!) …… as we were saying, the Alpha and Omega straightway gave the M’nPonder Clan Thee Sign, and said, “Behold ~ look and see ~ this is your own Sign of Hope. Remember it for evermore, just as Mr. & Mrs. Noah + their descendants were instructed way, way back in The Days of Yore, (like ….hmmm…🤔…Genesis?); when they witnessed the great colourful bow in the sky. It was always to be seen by the Noah Clan as a sign of God’s Promises. A sign of Hope. A sign of Life. A sign of colourful Light, encompassing all that is Love.”

So it was, that just like back in the days after The Great Flood, God gifted those poor old MullinPonderers a sign; a small, full-of-meaning scene, where death has no power because of the all-encompassing Light of the Love of God.

In case you’ve forgotten what the wee sign was, here’s another picture of it.

On that Day the people of MullinPonder said a couple of hallelujahs ~ with no selahs.


The Breath of God

The Breath of God

Is this the time of Be Still!
and KNOW that you are God?
Are my thoughts of giving up being turned more to giving in?
Do I need so many visits to this black place of despair,
to bring about a fiercer cry that begs to see your light?
Do you let me feel the darkest darkness of my own humanity?
So that I will crave the fullest light of ALL that is all Christ?
Is this another chance for me so HE becomes the MORE?
Is my hardened clay being softened by the Master Potter’s touch?
Has my mould become more pliable? Is it shaped more like your Son’s?
My precious Lord and Saviour! He died to set me free!
So why continue on with thoughts of endless blame, when all was covered perfectly to free me from this shame?
JESUS did all this for me as he bled upon the tree.
He loved me with the cross and I am His eternally.
My tears now bring your healing touch and let me know you’re near.
This truly is a trial of your *mercy in disguise*.
I have found the blue of Heaven hidden in this blackest black.
It turned into a little gold when added to my soul.
Another piece of treasure that has no earthly price.
“Take rest, oh soul”, it whispers loud, “and let ME breathe in you.
The very breath of JWEH has filled my starving soul.

This word – J W E H – is the original Hebrew word meaning GOD. It can really only be pronounced like the sound of breath
*Thank you Laura Story for your song ‘Blessings’ and I humbled by His grace that makes me answer ‘yes’.

August, 2013 Yvonne Glass